About Us

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Mission Statement

REACH fosters safe community for children, families, and young adults affected by HIV, strengthening them to grow in hope against persistent stigma.

Vision Statement

That HIV-positive children, families, and young adults throughout the Pacific Northwest flourish with dignity and self-worth in the face of rejection and isolation.

Core Values

Through tangible expressions of God’s love, REACH is committed to:

  • UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE … We treasure who you are.
  • COMMUNITY … We journey through life together.
  • JOY … We play and laugh together.
  • TRUST … It’s safe to be you.


REACH was founded in 1995 as a nonprofit Christian organization to serve, through the love of Jesus, the families affected by HIV/AIDS. REACH is based in the Pacific Northwest, but its impact reaches the lives of families across the United States.

REACH began its first camp in 1997 at the request of a group of concerned doctors from Children’s Hospital in Seattle. These men and women recognized a need for children who were growing up with a virus that little was known about. Not only were children born with a predicted death sentence, they were judged by a society that feared and rejected them. REACH Camp offered a safe haven for the children and their families, a place to openly grieve the loss of loved ones who never got a chance at life, and a place to develop community with people in similar situations.

Through the years, REACH has grown and developed as medical advances have been made. We celebrate that children are no longer being born with HIV in the United States, and it is mostly described as a manageable chronic disease. Many of our new families are those who are adopting HIV positive children from around the world, but we strive to serve all types of families who are affected by this disease. To learn more about HIV, please continue reading here.

Currently we serve our families through our Camp/Retreat weekends, Mentoring, and year-round Family Support Activities.

While REACH is a Christian organization, we welcome families and volunteers of all faiths and beliefs. We hope to create a space where everyone is welcomed into the community, and strive to love one another as Jesus has called us to do. If you have questions about our faith and how that is expressed at camp, mentoring, or activities, please contact us.